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Central Park Medical Centre

Victoria Central, Mill Lane, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 5UF

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Underground Training Station

The Underground Training Station (UTS Foundation) and Central Park Medical Centre based at the VCH, Mill Lane Wallasey have been embarking on a project together since June 2017. This project is something that both organisations feel very passionate about and are very excited to be working together on.

This project was initiated by Yvonne Shirley who is the Paediatric Nurse at the Practice. Yvonne see’s patients in the age group 0 – 16, and has seen a common theme of patients in this age range presenting with similar symptoms of low mood and confidence, very little exercise, dietary issues and very little or no engagement with any other organisations. Yvonne and the Practice Manager Sharon Wood wanted to target two specific age groups: 7-11 and 12-16. With this in mind, and with the excellent work that the UTS Foundation have already been providing in the community, they designed a structured fitness, health and well being programme to this cohort of patients.

Qualified coached from the UTS use their unique circuit and exercise classes to provide a targeted and co-ordinated approach to offer therapeutic treatment to our patients. They aim to meet the needs of each child/young person to improve their mental health and well being, whilst developing their knowledge around good diet and nutrition through workshops. This is combined with mental health care and support with Wirral NHS to provide a holistic approach to treating these problems in young people, which will seek to offer a long term solution to what is becoming a very serious child/adult health issue.

*Please note that this is a pre-selected group for existing patients of Central Park Medical Centre, but if you would like more information about what the UTS Foundation could offer you contact Tony Berry at 0151 294 3172, or email uts.tonyberry@gmail.com.